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YouTube has got a fresh new look

Recently and quite silently, YouTube – the Google owned video sharing website has made few changes in the way it looks. This new and fresh look of YouTube appears to be lot more organised and less messy, mobile friendly and more attractive than before. The desktop version is now showing less recommended videos per page-view. Also there are Bold and Prominent links for “Best of YouTube” sidebar on the left side. Few more options are made available on the top-right side of the page (just before the sign in link), that can be accessed by clicking the three vertical dots or the ellipsis. These more options include Dark Mode, Language, Content Location, Restricted Mode, Settings, Help, Send feedback and Restore classic YouTube options.

Exploring further, the Dark Mode option introduced seems to be a good addition for most of the viewers, as it will give more relaxation to eyes while viewing YouTube in the normal or the no-full Screen mode. Apart from that, viewers can now easily set their preferences for Language, Content Location and Restricted Mode, which were previously available at bottom of the page. Also the “Setting” and “Help” options available up there at the top, would give an easy UI experience. The last options given at the top, i.e. “Send Feedback” and “Restore classic YouTube” options aims at getting feedback about the new look of YouTube and to allow viewers who want to switch back to the old and classic version. These last two options are also available down below the page on the right bottom side (Exclamation & Person running towards the exit) icon.

To conclude, the new YouTube is indeed striking but pleasant to look at, and this look is surely going to be a hit among viewers. Thank you YouTube for looking more cleaner and viewer friendly.

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